Crimes and Secrets of a Desperate Dad - Paperback

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By Steven Wyrostek

About the Story:

A man who seemingly had everything…A Wall Street Commodities and Oil Trader living the good life. But the pressures of it all caught up to him and pushed him over the cliff. He became a bank robber, hitting 10 banks over the period of 4 months in 2004. Crimes and Secrets of a Desperate Dad gives a message of pain, sorrow, and a chance at redemption all told through the words of Stephen Trantel, the Long Island Bank Robber.

Stephen Trantel served 92 months in the New York State prison system for robbing a string of Long Island banks. He was known as the Long Island Bank Robber and the Bank Robbing Broker. He made a living as a Wall Street commodities clerk and trader (silver, gold and oil) since graduating from college in 1987. However, Stephen suffered a series of setbacks in 2002 and 2003 which resulted in him not being able to earn. Despite trying to get work (he was a hard worker all his life), nothing panned out.

Desperate to keep his wife and two young sons in the lifestyle they were accustomed to in Rockville Centre, New York, Stephen fell down to a place where he thought robbing banks was the only way he would be able to make enough money to do that. He was arrested on the day after Thanksgiving, 2003, after robbing 10 banks from July through November of that same year. He pled and received a 9 year sentence (a flat bid as it's called).

His story captured the attention of the media. It was documented by 48 Hours in a 2008 show called Stolen Dreams, a Who the Bleep Did I Marry episode in 2010 and as the debut show for the 2011 season of American Greed called Bank Robbing Broker.

In addition, his story appeared on the NTV network in Japan.

About the Author: Steven Wyrostek - Steve Mayfield (Pen Name)

Steven Wyrostek is the lead singer / guitarist for the Chicago band the Houndz. Together since 1994 the band of seven creates songs with an exclusively 1960's sound and covers music only from that era. The songs are produced with the philosophy that the music of their youth is uplifting to people in the baby boomer age group. The Houndz have been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Waukegan Sun and the Daily Herald.

He is also a Business writer for the Chicago Business Ledger, the Daily Mirror, and Small Business Chicago. In 2008, he published a spiritual novel titled Afterlife Crisis. His most recent effort is; Crimes and Secrets of a Desperate Dad, The Story of Stephen Tantrel, The Long Island Bank Robber.

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