Fort Wayne Sports History - Paperback

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By Blake Sebring

About the Book:

What would a Fort Wayne Sports Hall of Fame look like?

Since I started my sportswriting career at age 15, I've been fascinated with Fort Wayne's sports history. I remember my dad telling me stories about the Daisies and the Pistons, and the more I talked with people like Hilliard Gates, Carl Bennett, Bud Gallmeier, Don Graham, Len Davis, Phil Olofson, Bob Chase and Ken Ullyot, the more interesting things I found.

It's amazing how many situations happened in this city which affected sports on a national and sometimes international scale, either because they were held here or because someone from Fort Wayne accomplished something.

Because we have lost so many of those great men, and because we were losing so much history with their passings, I always hoped to write a Fort Wayne-area sports history book. The problem was how to do it in less than 1,000 pages which would would be too expensive. Then the idea came to use a calendar of 366 days (leap year included).

Even I was surprised at some of the events and hall of famers I found, including Jim Thorpe, Jesse Owens, Wilt Chamberlain, Alex Rodriguez, Babe Ruth, Tony Gwynn, Dominique Wilkins, Isiah Thomas, Dale Earnhardt, Ted Williams, Bjorn Borg, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Bob Feller, Lee Trevino, Gary Player, Joe Louis, Curt Simmons, Dale Jarrett, Grover Cleveland Alexander and Jackie Robinson. They all made trips to Fort Wayne during the prime of their careers.

There are plenty of stories about modern-day athletes and teams, too.

Besides the calendar of events, there are also some interesting lists included in the back of the book such as every time an NBA (post-Fort Wayne Pistons), an NHL or Major League Baseball team played in Fort Wayne, the all-time leading scorers in boys and girls high school basketball, the coaching wins leaders in high school boys and girls basketball and football, a list of all-time team and individual state champions from the Fort Wayne area and a few other surprises.

Most of the dates have more than one event, so I tried to pick out what I thought would be the most important events to the general sports fan.

Maybe someday, if we can find the funding, this book can be used as a blueprint for a Fort Wayne Sports Hall of Fame. As you’ll be able to tell from this book, it’s going to need to be a very large building.

About the Author: Blake Sebring

Blake Sebring is a veteran journalist with a Midwest metropolitan newspaper. He has consistently been at the top of his profession for over 20 years, collecting more than 20 state writing awards, including: best sports columnist, best deadline reporting and best feature. As a sportswriter, Blake has chronicled IHL hockey, NCAA volleyball and three Olympic Festivals. His blog draws more than 60,000 hits per month and is the dominant feature of He averages 500 bylines per year and mentors young journalists, with 15 protégés’ nationally. He is the author of The Lake Effect,Homecoming Game,Tales of the Komets and Legends of the Komets and is co-author of Live from Radio Rinkside: The Bob Chase story, and The Biggest Mistake I Never Made, the autobiography of Olympic gold medal-winning volleyball player Lloy Ball. The Lake Effect is his first novel. You can follow his daily work at or at

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