Greed & Dreams - A True Story - Ebook

Greed & Dreams - A True Story - Ebook

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By H. H. Chandler

About the Story:

This book, in many ways, reads as a script. Bearing a likeness in its moral examination and social frankness to American Beauty and The Insider, it retains a self-sacrificing, gossip-ridden humor that is reminiscent of Thank You for Smoking and Hollywood Babylon.

The focal point of this roller-coaster of tale, told first person perspective by the author, is the Ionic figure John Z. DeLorean, who went from a giant among men to some kind of ethical abomination in the public eye.

The central character of the book is the author himself. Once a financial wheeler-dealer, Rex Roberts was able to turn sewage into vanilla; spin adversity into advantage, he is now on the verge of losing it all. The sheriff is serving him foreclosure papers' his beloved Mercedes is being repo'd, and his wife who's come to realize she didn't grab the brass ring wants a divorce.

One of his last remaining assets is an insurance policy that guarantees income in the event of debilitating illness, including nervous disorders. Rex already stressed to hysteria easily complies; hoping the game will last until he finds a deal that will make the cash register ring.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel, he finds a deal still in utero, one even the bottom feeders won't nibble on. All he'll have to do is find $50 million to re-launch a discredited, reclusive former tycoon. Like Rex, the tycoon needs to bail himself out of foreclosure and crippling legal bills.

The mere mention of the tycoon’s name sends investors laughing or running for cover. But to Rex, his client’s dazzling rise and even more spectacular fall, rival the sagas of Robert Maxwell or Howard Hughes; he is the sizzle on the steak. He is Rex's deal; a gift from the gods. The clock is ticking, and every day brings this odd couple closer to complete financial ruin. They are two desperate men, fighting back to back, not just for their financial survival, but to win and beat the bastards.

Their schemes are constantly crushed by a string of hucksters and scam artists, but at last, there might actually be a deal. It's at this point that Rex finds himself in the locked ward of a psychiatric hospital where his now separated wife and shrink want him to stay indefinitely.

Will the deal get done? Will Rex provide his friend with a magnificent comeback, and incidentally save his own hide as well?

About the Author:  Chandler Hill. Harben - H.H. Chandler (Pen Name)

Chandler was born in Herndon Virginia and at the age of two weeks was taken to live in Germany for the first five years of his life. His father, a career CIA agent, had his son accompany him to many of his posts: Europe, Africa and Central America. Chandler still attempts to maintain his fluency in Swahili and has outlined a proposal for a new novel based on his teenage years in Rwanda following the first genocide between the Tutsi and Hutu tribes. At eighteen years old, with his parents long since divorced, Chandler asked his father permission to live with his mother in Greenville North Carolina. Shortly after arriving, Chandler purchased a motorcycle and drove to New York City to become an actor. Some (hard) years later, Chandler became successful as an actor with starring roles in off-Broadway shows, as well as playing lead characters for more than seven years on daytime television dramas; Detective Sam Fountain - The Edge of Night, ABC. Doctor Rico Bellini – The Doctors, NBC. Ben Harper – Love of Life, CBS. Max Decker – Texas, NBC. Blue Nobles – Another Life, CBN. Voice - overs for radio commercials were also a mainstay in his career.

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