Honeysuckle Bend - Ebook

Honeysuckle Bend - Ebook

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By Cyrus Gaites

About the Story:

Honeysuckle Bend is a fantastical tale about young love, forever love, the mystical, magical powers of the human spirit and its ability to supersede life’s challenges. The harsh environment where most of the story takes place only serves to prove that the undying spark of one’s soul really can triumph over time and tragedy. The first person narration craftily puts you into the time and places of this masterful telling and brings you into the lives and situations of both the main and the secondary characters.

The bulk of the story is told from inside a prison but Cyrus Gates has written a masterful chronicle that will make you laugh and cry but most importantly – It will free your own soul.

About the Author: Cyrus Gaites

Cyrus Gaites is a native of Dallas, Texas where he is influenced by his passion for the local music and western scene. Born in 1968 in Dallas, he currently lives in Garland with his family. Honeysuckle Bend is his first book.

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