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By Patrick Boylen

About the How-To Book:

How to avoid exorbitant fees from unscrupulous companies for an invention that may or may not be successful.

Author - Patrick Boylen takes you through his own personal case studies as examples for your own efforts. He has experienced success with this method with small endeavors and even with major Fortune 500 Corporations.  

Introduction Section (Pep Talk)

Got an idea for an invention? Who makes it happen? You do! Introduction Section gets you motivated. Case Studies Section – 12 Actual Case Studies for you to review. Author takes you from conception to design, to manufacturing and ultimately to sales of actual inventions and new products – Teaches you how to do it too.  

Summary Section

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to proceed with your own invention. Additional Informative Materials Actual completed, filed and granted Provisional Patent of Author’s including: Official Patent and Trademark Office Forms, Description of Useful Purpose, Component List and Drawings as examples for your own efforts.   If you are serious, dedicated and have a sincere desire to succeed, this book will prove to be invaluable for your invention endeavors. Who makes it Happen? You Do. This Book Will Show You How.  

About the Author: Patrick Boylen

Patrick Boylen is a native of Indiana. Although born in the '60s, he was influenced mostly by the decades and cultures of the '70s and '80s, which were his formative years. He is neither a Baby Boomer nor a Generation X demographic. His writings are drawn from the culmination of the post-Kennedy years on through to the new millennium and are in a category all their own. Patrick is an Alumni of Indiana University and the author of Lake Wawasee, Invent Your Future, Murder to a Misdemeanor and Not of This World. A movie based on the Lake Wawasee novel is slated to begin production the Spring of 2014.

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