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By Patrick Boylen

About the Story:

One of the most affluent property owners at Lake Wawasee experiences financial ruin followed by prosperity through an incredible stroke of luck. The problem is that he has to take extreme measures to reap the rewards.

He takes his chances with one of the most amazing fish stories of all time. Once this train leaves the station, there is no turning back. Discovered treasure, carnage, deceit, and mayhem are all played out in this fast paced thriller. Things aren’t always what they seem on the surface, and below the surface too… at Lake Wawasee.

Patrick’s parents took him to Lake Wawasee in 1968 where the family owned a summer cottage until almost the turn of the century. His fictional novel Lake Wawasee is centered around the beautiful and tranquil setting that is Lake Wawasee, tucked within the rural towns and endless farmlands that comprise Northeast Indiana.

If you have ever been to Lake Wawasee, you will share the intimate relationship with the lake and surrounding areas that Patrick weaves within this fantastic tale. If you have never visited Lake Wawasee, after reading the book, you will feel like you have been there.

About the Author: Patrick Boylen

Patrick Boylen is a native of Indiana. Although born in the '60s, he was influenced mostly by the decades and cultures of the '70s and '80s, which were his formative years. He is neither a Baby Boomer nor a Generation X demographic. His writings are drawn from the culmination of the post-Kennedy years on through to the new millennium and are in a category all their own. Patrick is an Alumni of Indiana University and the author of Lake Wawasee, Invent Your Future, Murder to a Misdemeanor and Not of This World. A movie based on the Lake Wawasee novel is slated to begin production the Spring of 2014.

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