Noggle Stones Book I: The Goblin's Apprentice - Paperback

Noggle Stones Book I: The Goblin's Apprentice - Paperback

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By Wil Radcliffe

About the Book:

While searching for the lost ruins of an ancient temple, the mad goblin scholar, Bugbear, and his gambler cousin, Tudmire, come into possession of a most peculiar scroll. It is through this scroll that the mystical world of Annwfn and the world of 19th Century humanity are suddenly and inadvertently thrust together. Allying themselves with the awkward human stage magician, Martin Manchester, and the fierce warrior woman, Maga, Bugbear and Tudmire must rally the frightened folk of the small town of Willow Prairie against the gathering evil... an evil that has been awakened by the scroll... an evil that hungers for revenge! It is only when Bugbear and Manchester come to realize the wisdom held in an ancient rhyme that they are able to summon the courage to face their hidden foe...

"White, gray, and black stones
Scattered `cross the board
Now you must unite them
To become the Noggle Lord!"

About the Author: Wil Radcliffe

Wil Radcliffe was apparently born. He has spent most of his life breathing, and sometimes writing. Between breaths and words he married a beautiful young woman from Morocco and created two talented children with her. Lately he's been hoping people will read his books and like them enough that they'll reward him with pizza.

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