Noggle Stones Book II: The Tragic Empire - Ebook

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By Wil Radcliffe

About the Book

The Noggle Stones epic continues with The Tragic Empire!

Turn of the Century America Turned Upside-down by Goblins, Ogres, and War!

When the peaceful town of Willow Prairie became the center of a crisis that merged the world of humanity with the world of legend, they looked to Martin Manchester to become the king that would lead them to victory and peace.

Now as war breaks out between the Àes dàna Empire and the United States of America, Manchester once again finds himself thrust into the role of peacemaker. With his fierce warrior bride, Maga, and feral ward, Riley Ratcatcher, Manchester mounts an expedition to Washington, D.C., hoping to defuse the conflict before more innocent blood is spilled. Yet even as the King sets out on this perilous journey, his mad goblin advisor, Bugbear, begins to unravel the twisted and hidden history of an enemy so dark and evil that even the great Dragons of old succumbed to its subtle and treacherous might!

About the Author: Wil Radcliffe

Wil Radcliffe was apparently born. He has spent most of his life breathing, and sometimes writing. Between breaths and words he married a beautiful young woman from Morocco and created two talented children with her. Lately he's been hoping people will read his books and like them enough that they'll reward him with pizza.

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