Rusty Crooked Nails - Ebook

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By Jim Cox

About the Book:   

Set in the 1800’s Rusty Crooked Nails follows the trials and tribulations of a pair of orphans a generation apart who were both abandoned at tender young ages. The narration goes back and forth as Bill Baker reminisces about his own struggles and accomplishments while dealing with the present as he takes the impressionable Albert Scott under his wing.

There are harrowing experiences as well as touching moments as you are swept up into this enchanting Western tale that has Tom Sawyer-like situations where adolescents struggle with real life decisions in the face of adversity. The memorable characters of the Indian woman, The Blacksmith and the Teacher will make you laugh, cry and rejoice.

Jim Cox uses his masterful storytelling ability to captivate the reader into the story without them realizing that he is also providing valuable lessons about living a good life with high moral standards and becoming a productive member of society.

This book can be enjoyed by all ages and it is especially beneficial for Young Adults who are seeking guidance and encouragement.

About the Author: James Henry Cox

Jim was born on November 25, 1935, in Essex, Missouri. He was the youngest of five siblings. His family moved six times before he entered third grade but finally settled in his birth town of Essex, a small town of five hundred people in the flat river bottoms of southeastern Missouri.

After his father's death, Jim, along with his mother and youngest sister, moved into his grandparents' home when he was twelve. Money was scarce for the next few years but memories were built that have lasted a lifetime. Jim sat in awe as his grandpa told hour-long stories of his growing up years. Perhaps, a few small embellishments were added to enhance the effect.

Jim lived with his brother in West Lafayette, Indiana, while attending Purdue University. It was during this time, Jim first started telling stories. The car ride to visit family in Essex was an eight hour journey, occurring during holidays, twice a year. Words were soaked up like a sponge by his nephew, Jay, as Jim’s stories came to life in the back seat.

Telling stories to his four children was treasured, but somewhat limited due to Jim's busy work schedule. However, when his grandchildren appeared, time was taken to shape their minds with colorful tales almost daily. There was no end to the hundreds of stories told in bedrooms, playrooms, cars, or outside sitting on the grass. Often times, neighbor kids joined them with wide eyes and big ears.

Jim has accepted the challenge from his children to record some of his stories for the generations of tomorrow. His writings will promote the need to live a good life with high morals as his vocal tales have always conveyed. His hope is to create the same excitement through script as through his vocal words.

Jim resides in Syracuse, Indiana, with his wife, Wilma.

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