Shadowsworne Chronicles - Ebook

Shadowsworne Chronicles - Ebook

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By Alex Virault

About the Story:

This book is a low fantasy (as in, no magical use or dragons or anything like that) work set in a old style world, full of swords, crossbows, and other medieval style weaponry. The story follows a group of villagers who have to rescue their own from an accident and end up exploring a world that they’ve never known, or at least think that they haven’t, and find a world at war with an oppressor state entrenched with dark and treacherous past.

This work is long and is a part of an ongoing series, so if you enjoy deep, epic style works, this will be something meant for all of you.

About the Author: Chris Hamby (Pen Name Alex Virault)

Chris Hamby (Pen Name Alex Virault) started writing at an early age, creating characters and stories while in elementary school. Having won several small writing awards, Alex continued his pursuits to become a published author. He currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama where the influences of southern hospitality and culture influence much of his works.

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