Silver - Ebook

Silver - Ebook

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By Ashli Edwards

About the Story:

Juliana Bristow, born and turned in the 1600s, is a four-hundred year old vampire with a serious problem - she has fallen deeply in love with the enemy, a charming, smooth talking werewolf. Luc is the desire of her heart, but is love enough? If she follows her heart she must turn her back on her best friends and the coven she leads. Luc Chaves, a werewolf with royal blood, is in love with a pale skinned, crystal voiced predator. Yet standing in the way of their immortal love, are the repeated and deadly attacks of his pack leaders. Luc must find a way to protect them both while trying to convince Jules that there is a way for the couple to be together forever. Gabriel Prentiss, a revolutionary war veteran and a stickler for rules, can't figure out what's gotten into his best friend. Jules, his mentor and coven leader has been under attack and acting recklessly. She is ordering him to let his enemies live and keeping secrets. Gabriel must figure out what's come over her before it's too late.

About the Author: Ashli Edwards

Ashli Edwards, 23, was born and raised in Northern IN but recently made a big move to Sarasota, Florida where she continues to live with her twin sister, Tricia, and their blue merle collie, Kiowa. She loves to watch, read and write about anything and everything fantasy. After finishing Gold; the 2nd book in the Silver series, she is hard at work on another eight books series that shall remain nameless... for now.

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