The Lake Effect - Paperback

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By Blake Sebring

About the Story:

The Lake Effect touches on that poignant event in everyone’s life when they transition into adulthood. At some point in a person’s life, between ages 22 and 32, there is a seminal event that makes you who you are. Blake craftily weaves multiple scenarios from a formerly close-knit group of college acquaintances into his well-written testimonial to the true meaning of The Lake Effect.

When a lake effect snowstorm forces a close-knit group of college students to spend a night in a dorm lounge, one friend shares a theory - everyone has a distinct moment in their life that transforms them into adults. The youthful idealists dismiss the concept, but 15 years later the memory challenges one to travel across the country, renew relationships and chronicle the Lake Effect moments of those present on that snowy evening so long ago. His encounters may shock, enlighten, even make you laugh and cause you to ask "What was your moment?'' Reading The Lake Effect won't change your life but will remind you what did.

About the Author: Blake Sebring

Blake Sebring is a veteran journalist with a Midwest metropolitan newspaper. He has consistently been at the top of his profession for over 20 years, collecting more than 20 state writing awards, including: best sports columnist, best deadline reporting and best feature. As a sportswriter, Blake has chronicled IHL hockey, NCAA volleyball and three Olympic Festivals. His blog draws more than 60,000 hits per month and is the dominant feature of He averages 500 bylines per year and mentors young journalists, with 15 protégés’ nationally. He is the author of The Lake Effect,Homecoming Game, Tales of the Komets and Legends of the Komets and is co-author of Live from Radio Rinkside: The Bob Chase story, and The Biggest Mistake I Never Made, the autobiography of Olympic gold medal-winning volleyball player Lloy Ball. The Lake Effect is his first novel. You can follow his daily work at or at

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