Wild Expectations  - Ebook

Wild Expectations - Ebook

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By Richard McIntyre

This book is similar to the recent mega-selling series of fantasy adventure books and we are excited to be delivering it from author Richard McIntyre. It is book one (1) in its own series and initial feedback indicates that it has great potential. If you enjoyed the last phenomenal young adult series and have been looking for your next adventure, The Mystifying Adventures of Andrew Finnegan will take you back to that magical place you have been longing for.

About the Story:

Andrew Finnegan’s 14-year old life is simple living in the city with his father. His days consist of doing homework, working out, and playing video games. Since his mother passed away giving birth to him, Andrew never met her or her reclusive family. They operate a small-town nature preserve far from the city lights and sounds which he is used to. Events change, however, when a dangerous situation forces him to not only meet these enigmatic people, but also live with them for the summer.

In this simple place, Andrew learns that his destiny is quite complex. It shows him mystical elements he never dreamed existed and a world he has to master to avoid tragedy. Follow along on Andrew’s escapades as he is taken out of his element and starts a magical ride of action, love, rivalry, and adventure.

About the Author: Richard McIntyre

Richard was born on August 31, 1965 in Lafayette Indiana, as the youngest of six boys. He grew up in a large family with a rich Irish heritage. He brings that kind of culture to his first novel, Wild Expectations.

During childhood, he moved several times from one small town to another until finally settling in the medium sized town of Huntington. Using landmarks and his experiences he has combined them to create the fictional town of Forest Falls. He is currently employed at the Allen County Sheriff's department as a Lieutenant in the Confinement Division. He has been employed there for 20 years.

He hopes you enjoy his stories and recommends that if you don't like them, tell him. If you do, tell your friends. Combing small town life, his knowledge of modern day law enforcement, and a healthy dose of magic and mayhem he has made this series an enjoyable treat for all different types of readers.

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